Sophie Martinez and Fiona Manson will look at the particular case of French students (from teens to adults) and how to use games as a vehicle to improve English through oral practice.

What do we need to be aware of concerning French learners ?

What is specifically unique about the French ?

How do they learn languages differently than students of other backgrounds? 

Considering these questions, we will then look at:

  • how to ease and develop speaking skills with French learners

  • how to encourage students to overcome their fear of speaking

  • how to get rid of the belief of being unable not only to speak English but also to learn, understand and manage it.

  • how to teach the language’s various tricks in order to build confidence


TFBdx Mar18 eventgraphic

Learning through games is encouraging, motivating and fun, in other words, key attributes that lead to success.

Date: 17 March 2018

Time: 10:00-13:00

Speaker: Sophie Martinez and Fiona Manson

Venue: ENSEIRB-MATMECA, 1 avenue du Dr Albert Schweitzer, 33402 Talence Cedex

            Tram B, arrêt « Arts et Métiers »

Registration: This venue is not open to the public on weekends, therefore, walk-ins will not be possible.



Passionate about the English language, Sophie went to live in London. Right away, she understood what was needed to be able to quickly converse in English. Sadly, like many other people and teachers, she also came to the conclusion that this was not the way taught in French Schools.

She then decided to go back to France and study English at the University to become a teacher. After she got her degree and went to l’ IUFM (the teacher training Institute in France), she started to teach French students (teens from the age of 11 and adults). Sophie quickly noticed that they all had the same needs concerning the content of the language, as well as always having the same lack in theory and practice. To tackle this, Sophie got an idea which culminated in a game consisting of around 940 cards and an easy and clear grammar book, which gathers all the essentials to lead students to becoming as autonomous as possible when speaking English. Sophie was rewarded with a 1st inventor prize for this teaching game in Bordeaux, October 2014. Her material is now advertised in the popular magazines Go English, English Now and Vocable 2018.


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